Rajnikanth Vs P.Vasu

With shooting for Kuselan ready to hit the floors, there were many buzzes created by various media channels for that happen to the top story of Kollywood now. On one part, we had news stories standing up that Rajnikanth does guest appearance in the movie while others stated he will appear on the screen, right from the beginning till the end of the movie, singing and fighting with regular tone of fight. Well, nothing is confirmed yet, but superstar has demanded P.Vasu that nothing should be changed or altered from the original version.

Because, the fact is that Rajnikanth accepted get roped into the film only after deeply moved the storyline and the very appealing narration. But now, P.Vasu trying to add masalas and commercial stuffs, superstar has requested not to do so.

K! Does it mean that Rajni would appear in just 16 scenes and a song as it goes with Mammooty in original Malayalam version of ‘Katha Parayum Pol’? Nothing is confirmed till yet and keep logging to for more updates on this film.

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