Rajnikanth clarifies

Rajnikanth on Saturday said all bewilderment over his speech was due to reprehensible communication from his side. The actor was clarifying his stand to journalists at a function organised here at his Raghavendra Kalyana Mantapam in the city on Saturday to honour 70 technicians, who had worked for Kuselan. He gave away Rs 40 lakh in all to the technicians. The money given to the technicians was being pooled in by actor Rajinikanth, director P Vasu and Pyramid Saimira, the movie’s distributors, from their remuneration.

The actor’s comments on “punishing those who sought to block the due share of Hogenekkal water to Tamil Nadu” had snowballed into a controversy that threatened to stall the release of his movie ‘Kuselan’ in Karnataka. He, however, reiterated that his talk of ‘kicking’ those in Karnataka against the water project was aimed at persons indulging in violence in the name of protests, and not aimed at Kanndigas as a whole. He said he should have clarified this matter on the stage that day itself.

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