Rajni-the badshah of the box office

He is a trend and personifies the word charisma. His journey from being a bus conductor in the bowels of Bangalore to becoming the Badshah of the box-office is awe-inspiring. The fire that the great K. Balachander saw in young Rajni’s eyes just gets better with age. Nobody gave a chance to this dark, beady-eyed youth with unkempt mane. “He will not last,” said industry pundits but Rajni dethroned the redoubtable Kamal Haasan and has been ruling the Tamil film industry for a little less than a quarter of a decade.

Today, he’s the highest paid actor in the country. Shah Rukh Khan will have to combine his earnings from dancing at weddings, on stage, endorsements and acting to match what Rajni gets for appearing in a single movie. His magnum opus Sivaji has been bought by the omnipotent Sun TV group for a whopping Rs. 90 crores. This includes the distribution, dubbing, audio, video, remake and satellite TV rights. Rajni and the producer, A.V.M. Saravanan will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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