Rajini’s avatars in Kuselan

Dasavatharam fever is still ruling everyone and here comes Kuselan all the way spreading the fever of sensation all throughout. Yes, still one month pending for the release and Director P.Vasu has spoke to the media channels about this. Photo galleries of the movie are out and Kollywood Today will bring you some of the exclusive photos that others haven’t published.

If Kamal Haasan appeared with 10 avatars in Dasavatharam, superstar will overbeat him in 20 different roles… There is a song in the movie where Rajnikanth shakes his legs with Nayanthara with 20 different get-ups. This will have all the get-ups that Rajnikanth had in his best yesteryear flicks. Apart from this, Kollywood Today has some of the exciting photo galleries of superstar Rajnikanth in different make-overs like Pawan Kalyan in Jalsa, Moses in Ten Commandments and many others.

Now, speaking about the film, it’s an emotional subject that will bind our hearts together. Rajnikanth and Pasupathy work as driver and conductor in a local bus service. But then, Rajnikanth has an interest for acting in films and soon moves for it. But then after achieving his goals, superstar returns to the town for helping his friend Pasupathy. This tale may somewhat reflect the real life incidents of superstar Rajnikanth.

Let’s take a look on what the cast have uttered about this film…

Superstar Rajnikanth: I have played a significant role in this film, but its script that will dominate me over here. Pasupathy has 50% of importance in the film while I and Vadivelu will share other 50%. Vadivelu’s comedy tracks would be really a mind blowing one.

Pasupathy: I am a performer and I strongly believe in characterization I play. Its not matter with whom I am pairing up with. Even if superstar wasn’t there in this film, I would have accepted this role.

P.Vasu: Apart from being a commercial entertainer, this flick will set to be a great emotional drama that will set to be an embodiment of true relationship between friends.

Audio launch for the film will be held on June 30 and the film will be released on 25th of next month. So, here awaits the grand fiesta from superstar….

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