Rajinikanth in Politics – A Million Dollar Question

Speculation is rife over Tamil cinema’s demi-god — Rajnikanth’s — entry into politics. With actors like — Vijayakant and Sarath Kumar — forming their own parties, it seems likely that finally the Tamil superstar will take the plunge. Though, the Tamil superstar has not shown any inclination to join politics, Political analysts say that it is inevitable. Rajnikanth’s tryst with politics is nothing new. His movies have carried enough hints on his impending political career, while media too, has been speculating on his entry for more than a decade.

However, after initially supporting the DMK -TMC combine in Tamil Nadu in 1996 and then the BJP in 2004, the actor has remained non-committal on his political ambitions till date. Voices of hope are now rising once again. Fiercely loyal fans and popularity, which crosses boundaries, make Rajnikanth a definite favourite in the political arena.. However, when will the actor, who strongly believes in his destiny, actually set alight the Tamil Nadu political scene remains the million dollar question.

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