Rajini to direct Vishnu


The industry that once saw a dearth of women film makers seems to be changing. There are many women directors, like Sharada Ramanathan, J.S. Nandhini, Aishwaryaa Dhanush, Soundarya Rajinikanth, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and K i r u t h i g a Udhayanidhi, who have chosen to wield the megaphone. Joining the league now is Rajini, who worked along with Seenu Ramasamy in the critically acclaimed film, Neerparavai, which had her husband Vishnu Vishal in the lead role. Now Rajini has been working as an assistant director for Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi on V a n a k k a m Chennai.

Quiz Rajini a b o u t whether it’s different working for a w o m a n d i r e c t o r, and she says, “There is no major is no major difference from the technical aspect.
Seenu sir, for instance, is very strict and hot-heade d .
Kir uthig a’s way of working is quite cool. I think she is equally talented.
Women filmmakers are more compassionate. If there is a problem, women are more empathetic and they strike a fine balance between mind and heart. They are just not taskmasters. When we face challenges, Kiruthiga comes up with simple solutions effortlessly.“ She adds, “When I worked for Neerparavai, everybody treated me as Vishnu’s wife. As an AD, I didn’t want to be seen that way.
Although, I was determined to work hard, I was always cut some slack because I was Vishnu’s wife,“ she laughs. Apart from being associated with the movie as an AD, Rajini has also designed the costumes for Kiruthiga’s film. “I’m not into fashion at all.
But, I acceded to her request. Except for Priya Anand, I have designed everybody’s clothes.
Luckily, I didn’t have to do any research since the film is a breezy love story that’s set in the backdrop of a city. I showed a lot of references to the director, and we made our artistes look the way a regular person would. But we have concentrated a lot on colours,“ she says.

When will Rajini direct her first feature film?
“I’m planning to begin in 2014. The spadework is already on. If everything goes well, it should start rolling next year,“ she says. And who is going to don the lead role, she quickly clarifies, “I’m going to direct my husband. Vishnu has been my first choice. I have scripts based on two premises now, and I’m going to give him a choice to pick one.“

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