RAJEENI – Short Film by Karthik O Positive Press Release


#Rajeeni is a tamil short film depicting a real incident which happened in the state recently and emphasising the positive side of social media and the power of youngsters. This short film released yesterday has gained over 2 Lakh views and is widely shared and being appreciated in the social media within 24 hours.
Direction: Karthik O Positive
Producers: Sekar, Dhanalakshmi
Music: Guru Kalyan
Cinematographer: Sudhir Azeer Babu
Editor: IRK Ram DF Tech
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About the director Karthik:
Karthik, graduated from Mind Screen Film Institute, directed a “Transgender/Superwoman” documentary as his first venture. This received outstanding appreciation from the institute and was even taken as a knowledge-bank film. He went on to direct short films, among which “Oora Therinjikitten”, a fabulous drama depicting the young minds from urban society and the way they are being exploited. This short film received several appreciations, including ‘Best Director at Indo-Russian cinemas 2017, ‘Best child artist & Best Story’ at Puduchery Short Film Festivals. His recent venture, “RAJEENI” is about the traffic violations and law and enforcing the power of social media and youngsters.