Rahasiya’s special kiss for the actor

It seems that actress Rahasiya will not keep away from expressing her likeliness for any of her pals. She would immediately hug, kiss and pamper them like a kid. Well, if you’re still thinking who could be the lucky person to have got all these privileges, it’s none other than actor Karunaas, who had recently shaken his legs with her for an item song in ‘Ambasamudhiram Ambani’.

Though Rahasiya isn’t playing female lead role in this film, she appears for a fast beat Kuthu song. Recently, when the song was being shot in Chennai’s indoor studio, she ran away straight towards Karunaas and pinched his hips and hugged him.

As the filmmaker witnessed this scenario, he couldn’t resist from canning this shot and it has been included in the song as well.

Ah! Edhukella Natural performance Kaatraanga….

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