Ragini Dwivedi suffers wardrobe Malfunction at Siima Awards


Ragini Dwivedi was rather involved in an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at the SIIMA Awards. The actress who was performing a medley number wore a lace outfit with a flimsy bustier covering her. The bustier lining gave way with just the lace outfit on.
Ragini was so involved in the performance she failed to notice the dress slipping up but actress Lakshmi Manchu of Kadal Fame ran up to the stage and rescued her and the lights on the stage were dimmed.

“It was not as if I welcomed it. It was incidental and something I need to forget and move on from. The moment I realised that something had gone wrong, I slipped off into the wings. Thankfully, the background lights were black and blue and I had my hair in the front,” said Ragini.

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