Radharavi frustrated with Trisha and Nayanthara

This may sound something strange and of course you may say what has Radharavi got to do with these young missies Trisha and Nayanthara. It was day before yesterday, this incident happened during the hunger strike observed by Kollywood stars in association with FEFSI and Tamil Nadu Producers’ Council and Director Council of Tamil Nadu.

With leading actors like Rajnikanth and Vijaykanth spending almost the entire day for the strike, actress Trisha and Nayanthara arrived very late with full facial make-over. And you know something? Both these missies didn’t even know what actually was the problem. Trisha addressing to the crowd stated that with the entire Tamil film industry working for a good cause, she will extend her entire support to them. Well, Nayanthara was giggling like hell when she said these words.

Radharavi who was observing this had to approach them and scolded with few words. Both of them left the place very soon…

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