Radha Ravi son’s debutant film comes to an end

Hari Radha Ravi who is the son of Radha Ravi had debuted as villain through the film Tirumandiram. The shooting of the film which took place in Kutralam, Ambasamudaram and Kallidaikuruchi has come to an end. The hero of the film has the opinion that one can succeed by hard work and honesty but the villain has the opposite opinion. The screenplay is based on these lines. Saravanan Ponnusamy who is in the lead role has also produced this film. Radha Ravi is donning the role of the father of Saravanan Ponnusamy and the villain Hari Radha Ravi.

Seetha dons the role of wife of Radha Ravi. New faces Aarya and Neela are the two heroines of this film. Y G Mahendran, O A K Sundar and Vasu Vikram are also starring in this film. Vijay Padma and Radha Ravi have written the story. Vijay Padma has written the screenplay and dialogues. Sibi is directing this film. Deva has composed the music. One song sequence is to be shot in a palace in Cambodia.

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