Radha Mohan doesn’t care about ‘Kandahar’

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Very often most of the filmmakers watch the same DVD and try remaking it with their own style. It has happened with the special incidents as well where our directors are inspired to adapt them on screens. Say for instance, the horrific incident of 9/11 has become the most common theme of Bollywood as most of the movies are centered on the same concept.

In all likelihood, here comes an inspiration from ‘Kandahar Flight Hijack’ for both directors – Radha Mohan and Major Ravi. Both of them have been avidly making their own films based on the same concept.

Major Ravi’s multilingual film ‘Kandahar’ features Mohanlal in lead role along with Ganesh Venkataram and Bollywood actor Neil Nithin Mukesh in lead role and Superstar Amitabh Bachchan plays an important role. On the pars, Radha Mohan’s ‘Payanam’ will be made in Telugu titled as ‘Gangam’ with Nagarjuna in lead role. The Tamil version is titled as ‘Payanam’ and even Prakash Raj takes on an important character.

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