Raavanan home video from next month

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For the first time, the buffs will have the home video of a Manirathnam’s film arriving so fast in DVDs and VCDs. It’s all about Manirathnam’s ‘Raavanan’ that was recently released with more prints. With the Tamil version proving to be far better than the Hindi one, it’s been confirmed by the Raj Video Vision that they’ll release the home video soon by August.

According to the sources, the Tamil version will be released and is expected to be tagged with reasonable charges so that everyone can afford for it. Meanwhile Big Pictures is also planning to release the home video at a cheaper cost than their usually big price of Rs.400/- or Rs.600/-

Meanwhile Suhasini Manirathnam has personally gathered up the collections of ‘Raavanan’ at every theatre. Since, it has been a little disappointment from the distributor’s part, Suhasini has decided to commence the next film very shortly and sell it for a cheaper price.