‘Raavana was a battleground for me’ – Vikram

When Manirathnam remains silent away from publicizing his upcoming film ‘Raavana’, Vikram sets out on the contrastive mission with his word of mouth appraisals. The actor has been constantly giving personal interviews to media channels about his challenging role in ‘Raavana’.

The film’s shooting is almost completed and is slated to hit screens somewhere in second week of June…. Says Vikram: ‘Generally, when I shoot for films, there would be set of complicated shots while we can relax at other points. But it has been a challenging speculation on every day sets of Raavana. I had to pull out my potentials to achieve perfection. One day, we will be drenched in deep rivers and another day in sands. On the very next day, we may have a chasing scene across hill cliffs and so on. Raavana would offer me a great turning point in career….’

Vikram cannot stop singing praises of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as he says both of them have shared a stupendous onscreen chemistry and it will be well received across the universal audiences.

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