Raai Laxmi Clarified About MMS Video Controversy


Controversies and Raai Laxmi seem to inseparable, The Aranmanai actress was recently trending in social networks for all the wrong reasons. An explicit 20 second MMS clip has been doing rounds since yesterday and there were rumors that it’s Raai Laxmi in the video caught undressing.

Raai Laxmi has however laughed off these rumors to Deccan Chronicle stating ” I Haven’t seen the clip yet but friends who have seen it told me its someone who mildly resembles me and cleverly her face was hidden in most of the video. The girl in the video is wearing a toe ring which means she is married !”

Lakshmi Rai and Or Raai Laxmi has she is known now went on add that “I agree being part of the industry i have to be prepared for such silly rumors but i was little flustered at first, Then i reminded myself that there are actors whose actual videos have been leaked – and how must have they to deal with such awful incidents”.

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