R K speaks about Puli Vesham

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R K who had acted in Ellam Avan Seyal and Azhagar Malai is now acting in the film Puli Vesham which is being directed by P Vasu. He has reduced his weight drastically for this film. While speaking about this film, he said,” The story of the film is about an underground don. The story is about the dons who clash in Chennai. Nobody is born as don. But only certain situations make a person a don or a good person. The society makes them don, and makes them grow and finally destroy them.

Why and how is the story? The story is about a don who has a life for himself and the problems he encounters. There are lots of action scenes in this film. I have done the stunt scenes without using dupes. I have taken a lot of risks. Karthik after a long time is acting in this film. He is donning the role of a police encounter specialist. His character is such that even big gagsters are scared of him. He is got a meaty role in this film. His role will me a role model for police officers, P Vasu is directing this film. He has given many hit films with Rajnikanth. I am really happy that he is directing me.”

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