R K is an amalgamation of Mammooty and Mohan Lal says Shaji Kailash

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Though he is everything he stands isolated and watches Shaji Kailash speak on the victory of Ellam Avan Seyal. This person is R K the hero of Ellam Avan Seyal. Though he has acted in small roles in many film, he attained immense pinnacle overnight in this film Ellam Avan Seyal. He has achieved now though he has been in this field for the last 10 years. His perseverance has now made his dream cherish. Shaji Kailash while speaking on this occasion said,” I have directed popular heros in Kerala. Producer Karumaari Kandasamy approached me to direct a film in Tamil. He wanted me to remake my Malayalam film Chintamani Kolai Case. He further told me that he is going to introduce a new face who will don the lead role. But I told him that I had a principle not to direct new faces. He told me that I can try this new face for a week and if I am satisfied I can proceed further. But if I am not satisfied with this person I can do according to my wish. But R K gave a stunning performance. I was amazed by his work. In my opinion R K is an amalgamation of Mammooty and Mohan Lal.”

Now R K is in search of a Malayalam film for another remake.

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