Quick 3 Chat with Amitabh Bachchan

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In the recent times, we’ve been persistently looking into more stuff about Amitabh Bachchan. Well the reason is so simple as he has become so closer with Chennai and Chennaites. He cannot stop singing praises of our technicians and filmmakers, who’ve been making it big with their astounding skills in Bollywood. Winning laurels for his mind-boggling performance in ‘Paa’, he’s all set to take a different role in Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Rann’ slated to hit screens tomorrow (Jan 29).

Here’s a small chat with Big B as he speaks about his present life….

Q: Your Take on Tamil Cinema….

Amitabh: I am really amazed with the technicians and filmmakers from Tamil film industry making it big in Bollywood. The directors, stuntmen, cinematographers, music directors and everyone have been dominating in B-town. But on pars, it would be better even if actors can showcase their potentials over there…

Q: You’ve been meeting almost all the politicians throughout the country. Any ideas about joining politics?

Amitabh: I was already there into politics before a long time and not now. This was about promoting my film ‘Paa’ and I had to meet everyone across the country…

Q: How about your film ‘Rann’?

Amitabh: One thing that audiences should make up their minds before watching ‘Rann’. Don’t expect anything from me or any actors, but blindly believe in Ram Gopal Varma and enjoy his stunning make of this film. I am enacting the role of media house personnel in this film…

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