Pyramid Saimira’s Rekha IPS completes 300 episodes

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Pyramid Saimira has been witnessing mixed situations in media channels. Maybe, it is not successful in film industry with Kuselan flunking at box office and ‘Marmayogi’ called off. But, it is quite commendable in small screens as it venturing through some of the best trendsetting series. Amidst of various series where women know only two things: to do evil or cry lamenting to extreme levels.

But two series churned out by Pyramid Saimira are extraordinary with different concepts .With ‘Simran Thirai’ successfully making high waves in Jaya TV; it has accomplished a great work with ‘Rekha IPS’. Of course, Rekha IPS was copied from American based TV series named ‘Alias’.

Subhaa Venkat, Creative Head of Pyramid Saimira Group, says, “When many serials portray their protagonist as weeping family oriented women, we defied that image and etched out a bold heroine devoid of tears. That’s the reason behind the success of this mega”. She adds, “The change of taste in viewers’ appreciation for TV content is also a reason for “Rekha.I.P.S” victory”.

This mega serial is aired on Kalaigner TV from Monday to Friday from 6.30-7.00.P.M. The star cast includes Anu Hasan, Pollachi Babu, V.S. Raghavan, Afsar Babu, Priyatharhsini, Vijay Adhiraj, Krithika, Sri Lekha and Baboos.

The story was penned by Chitra Laxmanan with Thavamani Vaseegaran crafting screenplay and R.N.R. Manohar taking on dialogues. Thyagarajan cranks the camera while O.N. Rathnam handles direction.