Pyramid Saimira in Tamil film production

PYRAMID SAIMIRA Group is ‘one of the market’s top players,’ in entertainment groups spanning across 6 countries (India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, UK and the US). It is one of Asia’s largest entertainment groups with business interests in film production, TV content production, film distribution and exhibition.

Being one of the largest movie theatre chains by number of screens and theatres operated in India and with its aggressive expansion in the movie industry, the company intends to focus its expansion to become the biggest movie exhibitor in the world. Handling a broad range of national and international transactions, Pyramid Saimira ensures to stay at the creative front line both by developing new and innovative TV program, Film production and Theatre Exhibitions as well as by acquiring a strong identity as a ‘Branded Entertainment Group’. Today this group has entered in production of ten film at a stretch by their Managing director P.S.Swaminathan.

Pyramid Saimira will produce 24 Tamil films under this method of partnership with highly creative and experienced producers, will also seed new talents and also foster high amount of creative risk taking ability so that different kinds of films and genre are made available to the whole some family under one banner.

Some of the producers that Pyramid Saimira Production International Limited will work with include Mr.Kovai Thambi, Mr.Amudha Duraiaraj, Mr.Sangili Murugan, Mr.Ramanathan, Mr.Karumari Kandasamy, Mr. Ramasubbiah, Mr.Azhagan Tamizhmani, Mr.K.Balu, Mr.K.Rajan, Mr.Radharavi and Mr.A.K.Vishnuram.

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