Pyramid Saimira exits Bollywood

This is something shocking not just to the Kollywood, but the entire film industry right throughout the world. Pyramid Saimira, one of the most largest film production and distribution company had blindly got itself involved in these activities in almost all the languages. To some extent, they were happy with Kollywood until fate urged them to get the rights of Kuselan from Kavithalaya Productions for Rs. 65Crores.

Fine @ Bollywood, Pyramid Saimra hadn’t produced more successful film except Hall Bol directed by Rajkumar Santhoshi. It had taken around 63 theatres in Maharastra and more theatres across North India under its control. But after incurring great loss, PS Swaminathan has shut all their projects over there and quite North Indian film industry as well Bollywood.

At present, there only hope is Kamal Haasan’s Marmayogi, a 100Crores project that for sure wouldn’t be a chart-topping flick in box-office. It is sure to win laurels and awards across the globe for the unique theme of 7th century as the backdrop, but wouldn’t fetch good collections at box-office as it usually happens.

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