Pulamaipithan’s novel is all about sensation

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Pulamai Pithan has been the versatile personality when it comes to penning beauteously striking lyrics. He’s not just a lyricist, but a good politician. And now, he had penned a book titled ‘Bookellamae Bali Pidamaai’. The book deals with the problems faced by Tamilians in society especially special note have been made on Eelam problems.

The book was launched yesterday here in Chennai where who’s who of Tamil cinema, arts and literature were present. Speaking on the gracious occasion, Pulamai Pithan said that he isn’t a great writer of all times. This book is all about sharing his thoughts with Tamilians and other friends across the World. Also he specifically added that he was more frustrated with the problems faced by Tamilians and has made a special mention about this in the book.

Actor Parthiban was there present for the occasion in releasing the book. On his turn, he spoke some of his innovative words singing appraisals for the best writer.

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