Public Discussion: Was Ajith Kumar right with his speech?

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‘Actors are being threatened to attend each and every function hosted by useless executive members of Tamil film industry, who haven’t contributed a single success to Kollywood’ says one of the leading actor with anonymity. Of course, soon as Ajith Kumar unraveled the hidden problems of actors to Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi during the occasion of felicitation ceremony.

Now, every actor in tinsel town has started spreading the message of Ajith Kumar towards all the corners and ends. It seems that those actors with political dreams (Shared stage along with Ajith during that critical point) were completely exhausted with the whistles and claps won by the actor including Rajnikanth.

Later Bharathiraja said, “An actor or artist must be caring for his people who support and make an ordinary person as a superstar…”

What do you think? Have you got any advocacies for these two parties? If so, kindly type your comments below so that we will get a clear picture of how entire masses have taken this issue seriously.

Kindly don’t use abusive words on any actors as it proves of your standardized nature.

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