Producer R.K.Suresh’s Press Release

Vettainaai Movie First Look Poster Launch (2)

After getting blessed from director Bala, R. K. Suresh had released “Vettai Naai” movie’s first look.

On the birthday event, R.K. Suresh got a blessing from the director Bala, who had been introduced in the film industry as actor,to show his gratitude towards the director Bala on the birthday eventuate R. K. Suresh released the first look of his movie ‘Vettai Naai’.

Studio 9 Suresh envisioned his Multidimensional level in the different fields of direction and distribution, a tremendous step towards in the domain of acting in the film “Tharai Thappattai” in the direction of director Bala, R.K. Suresh was getting enumerate continues offers in the movies and he was projected frequently as a Villain in many films, currently he had debuted as a hero in the films of “Thani Mugam”, “Billa Pandi” and “Vettai Naai”

Today May 19th our R. K. Suresh is celebrating his birthday, on the same day, the film “Vattai Nai” first look was released by the director Bala.

The cheerful person R.K. Suresh, was more happy and excited, he is expressing his respect towards director Bala as a Guru and the beloved brother who have introduced in the film industry. He expresses his feeling, all the movies are released on Friday and the events have been falling on the same day, which made him delirious.

In this event, director Jaishankar, Cinematographer M. Murali, an actor Vijay Karthik who projects him as a Villain, Thai movies Producers and “Vattai Naai” team members are joining in the event.

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