Producer Hitesh Jhabak attempts for suicide

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Producer Hitesh Jhabak has been a great producer who gave some interesting releases including ‘Naan Avanillai’ and ‘Anjathey’. But unfortunately, the producer was prone to continuous flops with ‘Pandi’, ‘Pandhayam’ and ‘Pokkisham’. Recently, during last weekend Hitesh Jhabak had attempted for the suicide. Luckily, his family members rescued him and the first person to rush and console him was Hansraj Saxena of Sun Pictures.

He has offered complete solace that he will support him earnestly in his forthcoming projects. Producer Jhabak can get himself back to normal stated as there are possibilities for his upcoming film ‘Naan Avanillai-2’ and yet-to-start ‘Maappilai’ starring Dhanush in lead role.