Producer’s strict order on Bala

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Director Bala is well known for stretching his projects for at least a year and it had pitted his producers into deep trouble. Incisively, Kalapathy S Agoram doesn’t want himself to get stuck in such problematic scenario. To ensure that things don’t go unfavorable, Kalapathy S Agoram has requested Bala to present him a full-fledged report of shooting schedule so as to plan out the release dates and trade the film.

Firstly, he narrated the script to Aarya and Vishal followed by scheduling of shooting. It seems that Bala will start shooting for the film by last week of January and will complete it by first week of June. Appositely, producer Kalapathy S Agoram has decided to release the film for Aug 15, 2009.

When it comes to joining hands with A.R. Rahman for this project, Bala not seems to have made any official confirmation and we’ll have to wait for it.

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