Problem for Captain’s Engal Aasan

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Followed by a moderate success of ‘Arasangam’, Vijayakanth brimmed up with more confidence in fetching best credits with his forthcoming flick ‘Engal Aasan’. With film’s shooting completed and audio too launched, the film was slated to hit the screens on Pongal. Nevertheless, at this crucial point, producer of this film Thangaraj has been topsy-turvily bounded. Producer Kaja Mohideen has registered a case against him that he had borrowed Rs. 49.5 Lakhs and never returned.

Well indeed, till he returned the borrowed money, the film shouldn’t be released was his statement. On the pars, Producer Manickam Narayanan of Seventh Channel Communications too has registered a similar case for Thangaraj borrowing Rs. 11 Lakhs from him. The Master Court of Chennai has thus banned the film from getting released. The first hearing of this case would be held on January 21and much prior to it, HC has demanded Thangaraj to file a counter-complaint.

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