Priyamani to walk down in bikinis

Actress Priyamani has been the one who has been making many efforts in reducing her dresses to make high waves on the screen. But nothing has really helped her out other than resulting in pathetic scenario. Not just in reels, she just appears in half-baked costumes in public events that in no way suits her. Remember, she had appeared in the same costumes of Aishwarya Rai of Dhoom 2 for Thotta. It was a great bomb of flop show. And now, the actress has walked across the sun-kissing beaches of an island in bikinis for the Telugu film ‘Drona’ starring Nithin in female lead role.

If sources have revealed the best news, Trisha too has seemed to walking in swimsuit (since bikinis won’t suit her) in Vishnuvardhan’s directorial ‘Sarvam’. South Indian actresses must just understand that appearing in swimsuits and bikinis wouldn’t make audiences fall for them. Bollywood Actresses have a great physique that has alluring costumes working out for them. The most illustrious woman would be Priyanka Chopra in Dostana. Our heroines especially Priyamani should watch these Bollywood actresses dressing up and must realize that she isn’t fit for glamour roles. Better to get fixed with the roles she played in Paruthiveeran, Adhu Oru Kana Kaalam and recent Malayalam film ‘Thira Kadha’.

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