Priyamani signs 3-film deal with Ram Gopal Varma

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‘Aasthana Nadigai of Ram Gopal Varma’ company – this is how Priyamani has been fondly addressed during the recent times. It’s all with her Bollywood debut ‘Raktha Charitra’ in which she dons the role of Surya’s wife.

Now, there were buzzes that she’ll be a part of lots of Ram Gopal Varma project as she seems to have impressed him a lot. Taking on this, Priyamani has mentioned that Ram Gopal Varma has been their family friend right from a very long period of time. Usually, he has the habit of signing his heroines for at least 2-3projects at the same time.

“I will be a part of his other projects as well and we will make official confirmations once the discussions are done” adds Priyamani.

The actress is so excited as couple of her Hindi films – ‘Raktha Charitra’ and ‘Raavanan’ is all set for continuous releases in Bollywood.

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