Priyamani makes fun of Thamannah

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Actress Priyamani hasn’t been as successful as Thamannah, but she assumes to be so. Feeling that she is the real competent of Thamannah and gets in for a much unexpected gesture… Some of the sources in her shooting spot revealed that whenever Priyamani is free from shots, she cannot resist her passion about making fun of Thamannah…

Priyamani keeps imitating Thamannah’s action, the way she intonates the Tamil language, she walks, smiles and behaves in public. When approached the closer hands of Priyamani, they revealed that the actress doesn’t entertain such lunatic behaviors as she herself is busy with more projects and it isn’t a healthy way of competition.

Well, looks like Thamannah isn’t aware about what’s really going on as the young actress has no time to even listen for such stuffs.

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