Preity Zintha’s dream turns real

Earlier, before couple of weeks, Kollywood Today had presented a special story on Kollywood stars brimming up exultations with their new bungalows. And now we have the same with Bollywood’s bublly missy Preity Zinta of the same sort. Her dream from childhood was to construct a bungalow in Shimla at her ancestral land and now comes the right time.

Living a lavish life in Mumbai with her re-constructed bungalow, she seems to be Mumbai-weary now. She says Pollutions and noises often make her feel annoyed and that has led Preity construction of dream house amidst of cool ambience. Speaking about this, she says, “I am planning to build a eco-friendly house over there and of course planning to buy a eco-friendly car”. Also added that her children and her brother’s kids would grow there in Shimla for some time.

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