Prakash Raj adjoined with mockery

“We are the only ones who make films of good standards”, boasted Prakash Raj about his Duet Movies with the success of Mozhi. Though this film proved to be a film of good quality, Prakash Raj and his team gradually turned more over-confident and started calculating audiences that they are fools to accept whatever they present with.

But Prakash Raj is completely turned down with his hopes dashed for the film ‘Vellithirai’. First of all, he cant claim that Vellithirai is the hard work of his entire team, for its an exact replica of Malayalam movie right from the beginning till the end.

Well, on the very second day, some of our team members were analyzing the film’s response in Abhirami Mall in Chennai with a different approach. Yup! Carrying couple of tickets in hand, they were drawn closer to the audiences who were coming out of the theatres watching this movie. They were handed with these free tickets and asked whether they would watch this movie for the second time? None of them had the interest of taking it up and we feel this is a clear-cut response for the film.

If Prakash Raj believes this flick is of a good quality, Why weren’t anyone willing to take it? If they don’t have the right taste, then how come they like Mozhi?

We aren’t sure whether Prakash Raj has got answers for this…

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