Powerstar puts his film on the hold


Powerstar puts his film on the hold

Powerstar Srinivasan who attracted quite a few audiences with his Lathika is busy. He is acting in Shankar’s I and Santhanam’s Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya. However, he had done a film, Ananda Thollai, in which he acted as a villain and has spent considerable money in its promotions. Though the film’s post-production work is over, Powerstar is not keen to release the film for two reasons. His acting in the film has not come out well and he does not want the film to affect his acting career. As he is part of two mega projects, he wants to establish himself as a comedian or hero and hence has decided not to act in villain characters.

There is another buzz about the film’s state, as some of them say tha tin one of the fight scenes, the actor’s artificial beard got displaced, but the same has not been edited out and the final work is having the embarrassing scene too.

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