Popular song Naka Mukku is re shot

The popular song Naka Mukku has been a smash hit even before the film Kadhalil Vizhunthein could be released. The song has become a great hit and is popular among all age groups and especially among the children.

All FM radios play this song religiously. The peppy kuthu number, set to tunes by Vijay Anthony has shot the number featuring the lead pair Nakul and Sunaina. The song had done wonders for the movie it appears in – Kadhalil Vizhunthen – which may not have got all the attention. To cash in on the song’s popularity, director P V Prasath has chosen to reshoot the song in slums of Chennai featuring children. There is a huge craze for the song especially among the children so the director thought it would be appropriate to can the song featuring children.

Vijay Antony who has composed the music for this film is one of those music directors with a golden heart that reaches out to young talent. Just five films old and he has already introduced close to 15 playback singers. Most importantly, all of them have lived up to his expectations. Composing was a passion for Vijay from young age. But gaining an entry into tinsel town was definitely not easy. He had to wait for five years before getting his first break.

Though Vijay was booked first for ‘Dishyum,’ ‘Sukran’ directed by S.A. Chandrasekhar hit the silver screen much ahead. Songs of both the films turned out to be super hits. Vijay believes in variety in music and does not want to stick to one particular genre. He adds that a music director has to adapt quickly to the ever changing tastes of the present day youth. Vijay has sung quite a few numbers in his compositions and also penned lyrics for some. He lent his voice for the super-hit ‘Dilamo.

Vijay has no problems working with North Indian singers and feels that there is nothing wrong in making them sing Tamil numbers. He feels that the success of a film plays a crucial role in making the music a hit. Background score is one aspect to which Vijay gives lot of importance. Success of his l ‘Ean enakku mayakkam…’ from ‘Naan Avanillai,’ has been maintained in the film ‘Kadhalil Vizhunthen.’

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