Poorna goes irresistibly hyperactive

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Actress Poorna made her debut with ‘Muniyandi Moondram Vizhangiyal’ before couple of years. Oops! From the moment our ‘Ilayathalapathy’ Vijay made a blind statement that she looks alike Asin, the actress has jumped into a wrong conclusion that she’s Asin herself.

Be it small bites or an exclusive interview, the actress cannot stop singing praises of Vijay, who entitled her with such credits. And now, Poorna has started imitating the mannerisms and body language of Asin, not alone in movies, but in public junctures as well. The way she turns around and her facial expressions are just the same as Asin.

Ah! The only thing Poorna differentiates is that she is Muslim and Asin is a Christian girl.