Poorna Face Stamped on First Day Shoot


Actress Poorna dubbed as the Next Asin of Kollywood has done several movies in the likes of Vithagan, Drohi is now part of upcoming crime thriller Padam Pesum directed by Raghava. In the recent press meet for the movie Poorna revealed some interesting information on her career and the movie..

I was first roped in by the director as Second heroine for the movie, though it was the second heroine i agreed as it was different, but however by the grace of god and cause of family’s prayers the director miraculously made some changes to the script and signed me up as the lead heroine.

I was so happy as i knew that so far of all the 6 movies i have done in Tamil none have have become huge hits they were just average, However i feel this movie would change all that, i feel right now that finally i fulfilled my potential and promise as an Actress.

Poorna also added that “On the first day of the shoot, i was asked to lie down and stamped upon in my face and that still is the movie poster , i and the entire movie cast and crew have toiled hard for the movie but once the movie becomes a hit all the all pain will disappear.”

Padam Pesum also stars Sakthi Vasu, Poorna, Telugu actor Shankar and Priyanka Kothari.

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