Poorna becomes Slum Queen

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Actress Poorna seems to be slightly disturbed with the reviews stating about her imitation of Asin act. Now, her closer circles have insisted her to leave out that traces and carry on with her own nature. Perhaps, she’s all set to come up with an unparalleled show in ‘Drohi’ where she pairs with Vishnu….Throwing light on this film, Poorna says,” I am acting in modern and village girl roles in different films.

I have donned the role of a slum girl in the film Droghi. Since I have to look like a Chennai slum girl, I visited the real slums in Chennai. I learnt the way the girls speak and walk. I studied deeply the life style. Though I live in the slum, I live like a queen. The whole slum will be trembling if they see me. My fans will see my different face in this film.”

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