Pooja’s condition for her wannabe husband

Pooja hadn’t acted in many Tamil films and yet remains as a favorite heartthrob of various masses. As in reality, the actress had whole lot of boyfriends during college days, which again was revealed by her college senior Shaam during a reality show.

Now the actress has got serious about her marriage as she wants to settle down with family life. Though there are more rumors about her getting married with a Sri Lankan businessman, her closer sources have denied them as a baseless rumor.

According to the closer circuit, her dad has been pressurizing his daughter to get married soon. Of course, she has accepted to heed for dad’s plans, but on one condition. The guy shouldn’t be addicted to any bad habits. She has also ordered her father to get her married by this June or else must not disturb her for next couple of years.

Daddy Cool!!! We wish you all the best….

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