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Pooja in Venkat Prabhu’s Goa

Followed by her magnum Opus, it’s continuous downpour of heavy offers for Actress Pooja. However, so keen on choosing her project, she has signed up for Venkat Prabhu’s forthcoming directorial ‘Goa’. The film features Vaibhav, Premgi, Shiva and Jai in lead roles while Sneha has a different role to perform, though not an exact embodiment of antagonist. Produced by Soundarya Rajnikanth of Orcher Studios in collaboration with Warner Bros, Pooja has been the latest entry into this film followed by Julian Fine and Sneha.

According to the sources, the film isn’t merely a jolly ride of entertainer, but would be an edge-seated thriller. Of course, it’s another exemplification of Venkat Prabhu’s style ‘Saroja’ where a thigh-slapper soon goes into nail-biting.

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