Poo releases, Mahesh Saranya delays

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It’s not just the producers and distributors who decide for films’ releases and monsoon too has a great role in doing so. Earlier Poo had some troubles in getting released since one of the directors had registered a case against. However, with the issues settled down the film is releasing all over the places. On the contrast, Mahesh Saranya Mattrum Palar that was sure to get released with good centres has been shelved from the release.

The reason may sound ridiculous, but you have to believe it. Producers of the film, Cool Productions have stated that with many parts of Tamil Nadu flooded with heavy rains, the audiences wouldn’t make their way to theatres and so it would a drop in collections for the first week. As everyone knows, on the fourth day pirated videos of the film will be available in stores, they have delayed the film’s release for 4-5days ahead. So, it’s gonna be Poo Vs Ellam Avan Seyal on tomorrow.

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