Pasupathy makes it big in Mollywood now

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Can you distinguish between an ‘actor’ and ‘performer’? An actor just makes down to establish his values while ‘performer’ is the one who never cares about shedding his image and even go nude over the screens.

Of course, ‘Pasupathy’ hasn’t done any bold acts of such sort. But, he is a great performer and he wants to be so.

Actor Pasupathy has recently won laurels for the Malayalam movie ‘Vairam’ which depicts him as a Tamil speaking man blended with Malayalam touch.

Witnessing his astounding performance, the actor has won more offers in tinsel town now. Meanwhile, producers of Bollywood have acquired the remake rights of this film in Hindi. Actor Pasupathy clearly admits that he has no plans for gaining star value for he shows keen interesting on doing justice to his role.