P Vasu’s Aaptharakshaka creates box-office records

P Vasu who is currently directing Puli Vesham which has R K in the lead role has directed the recently released Kannada film Aaptharakshaka. This film has created box-office records now.

A few years back the Kannada film Aptamitra which had Vishnuvardhan in the lead role was a super hit. This super hit Kannada film was remade in Tamil with the title Chandramukhi which has Rajnikanth in the lead role. This film was also a big hit and no words are there to describe its hit.

Now P Vasu has made the Part 2 of the film Aptamitra with the title Aaptharakshaka and released it. This film had the late Vishnuvardhan in this film also. This film which was released on 19 of this month in Karnataka is creating records in the box office.

Vishnuvardhan, Vimala Raman and Sandhya are starring in this film. This film is Vishnuvardhan’s 200th film and is also his last film.

This film is a great hit in Karnataka and has collected Rs 1.45 Crores within 2 days of its release.

Audience was standing in long queues to buy tickets. A ticket was sold for Rs 700. In some theatres the crowd was very heavy and intolerable; the tickets in these theaters were sold for Rs 3000. It is important to note that the fans of Vishnuvardhan took his photo in a procession and lit camphor in front of his photo.

Fans of Vishnuvardhan from Mumbai and Chennai had also been to Bangalore to see this film. P Vasu’s fan had also been to Bangalore to see this film.

Reviews of this film were very excellent and all of them appreciated the way P Vasu approached this film. Almost all the media had mentioned that P Vasu has shown the great actor Vishnuvardhan in a different dimension. This film is the best film that was ever released in Kannada. This film has twists, comedies and stunts which has never seen by Kannada audience.

When we asked P Vasu about the victory of this film, he said,” We can see a film success in three ways. The first thing is that the people should like this film. The second thing is that we should be satisfied and the third thing is producers should be happy and satisfied. This film has won in all these three things. We have spent Rs 35Lakhs for graphics alone. It is true that this film was really challenging for me. My mind was filled with the only thing that I should make this film a hit because Vishnuvardhan had passed away and it was his last film. Now I am planning to make this film in Tamil.’

When asked him whether Rajnikanth had seen this film, he said,” The film was screened for him. He enjoyed this film. He was moved and emotional in the final scenes. Right from the beginning when I started this film, he use to enquire how the film has come out. After seeing the success of this film, he appreciated me.”

When asked about his next film Puli Vesham, he said,” I am a person who will not look into the difference between senior or junior actors. I work equally with them. After making two films with the superstars, I am directing Puli Vesham now. Puli Vesham is not an ordinary story. This film has a story like my film Chinna Thambi. This film is about an innocent youth who journeys in village and city. How the city turns this youth’s life? Puli Vesham will narrate this youth to what extant he goes because of his affection and love. The village sequences were shot in Tenkasi. R K who is doing the lead role has intricately acted in this film. This film will escalate him. Two heroines are acting in this film. Srikanth Deva has composed the music for this film.”

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