One more director into actor

Guess what could be the reason for filmmakers shifting towards the venture of acting… We have no idea, but it’s easy to zero down on one good reason. When actors don’t accept to play a particular role, directors take on… Leave it out and we have one more filmmaker turning into an actor now.

Gauthaman who recently won rave reviews with his famous TV series ‘Sandhanakaadu’ is soon make his comeback into film. Earlier, he had made a film titled ‘Kanavae Kalaiyaadhe’ and things weren’t favorable for him at that point of time.

His next film titled ‘Magizhchi’ directed him, he plays the lead role. The film is inspired from the famous novel penned by Sakithya Academy Award winner Neela Padmanban. Speaking about this film, Gauthaman says that it would be a trendsetting film based on importance to literature.

Soon after this film, he will be directing another one titled ‘Nalamariya Aaval’ that will feature four leading actors of Kollywood in lead role.

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