Oliyum Oliyum – A new genre on the rise

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‘It’s all about the India at the backdrops of pre-independence era’ says one of the unit members of the film ‘Oliyum Oliyum’. It is so exciting to see that both producers and director of the film haven’t even once. But the spellbinding script narrated by Director Sakthi Selvam, America based NRI producers Raju Venkataraman and Sivakumar Bala agreed to produce the film.

What have producers got to say about the movie? They say, “Everyone would gladly enunciate the films they churn are like their sweet child. But for us, it moreover a temple and don’t imagine this term of place to be inclusive of grand sculptures and valuable jewels. It’s a temple that remains within one’s inner self where God is present”.

Raju Venkataraman and Sivakumar Bala are producing the film under the banner of Thandini Creations. For whom those feel the name sounds peculiar, the producer clear saying that means ‘Saint Akilandeshwari’.

Director Sakthi Selvam may not be easily grasped everyone, but he has been an achiever all throughout at different stages of his life. At his early day of age 6, he won grand round of applause from former chief minister MGR for his stunning speech at a ceremony. He graduated B.A. and M.A., both with Gold Medals from St. Joseph’s College of Trichy. Apart from this, with an insatiable passion for filmmaking, he joined at the course of Direction at Film Institute at Chennai, but uncompleted. Also he fetched best credits for featuring honorable IPS Kiran Bedi in his short film titled ‘The Real Salute’ for which Maestro Ilayaraja tuned melodies.

As mentioned earlier, producers precisely state that they haven’t done anything special with the film other establishing it at the backdrops of Pre-independence Era. The most versatile actor Balam Kalyana Sundaram dons the role of a police constable named Govindasamy. He is a well known veteran for his heartiness of generosity where he completely donated his every month’s salary to orphanage and charity homes. More fascinated by his good act, former president Abdul Kalam had addressed him as the Best Indian… Added to this, Actor Rajnikanth had obliged him at his house accepting him as his father. The entire film unit is so elated to have this personality in their team.

Debutant Poongodhai, a deaf and dumb by her birth dons the role of a girl with excellent speech. Quite perplexing isn’t? Maybe, get to watch the film for a pleasant surprise and she was selected amongst all the students of deaf and dumb college throughout Tamil Nadu.

Prabha plays the role of protagonist named Ramu and he has already been a part of film titled ‘Pirappu’. After a long interval, actor Anand Babu son of veteran ace Nagesh makes his comeback with a character role in this film and Pragathi pairs up with him. Suresh who earlier performed character roles in Muni and Pudupettai takes on the role of Pannaiyar Paramu…

Yanidesh scores music for the lyrics of Director Sakthi Selvam while Ravi cranks the camera with Arasu as editor. Shooting for the film had hit the floors and now filming is being held at Ramoji Film City…

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