‘No Intimate Scenes with heroines please’ – Pasupathy’s strict condition

Unnaturally different, isn’t? Have you noticed any actor in the past who had come up with such a strict condition. But, here’s Actor Pasupathy uttering the condition to all his filmmakers. With his Vedigundu Murugesan hitting screens shortly, Pasupathy has said, “I have never termed myself as an actor, but I am a pure performer eager to take on interestingly different characterization with powerful description. My greatest dream role is about enacting the role of Va. Ve. Su. Iyer.

On the pars, I strictly don’t like to go for intimate sequences with actresses although the scene demands for it. As Director of Vedigundu Murugesan urged me with kindly repeatedly, I had to for it. But I will surely avoid such things in the future…”

If so, Pasupathy what did you actually do with Priyanka in ‘Veyil’?

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