“No idea about working with Rajni and Kamal” – Mysskin

Not many directors do openly convey such a stunning message. But a person like Mysskin may not work magic over you. He has the real stuff of churning out the best movies and he can openly express his ideas. Any guesses about what would everyone ask in general when they question a director? “Will you director Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan?” This same question was put forth on Mysskin and he had a precise answer to utter. “At present, I am having enough scripts to work for next 7 years and none of the characterizations in it have roles for either Rajnikanth or Kamal Haasan.

May be after these years, if my script and characterizations designed by me suits any of these actors, I many think about roping them in” said Mysskin. Also added that working with Ilayaraja for his film ‘Nandhalala’ was a real big experience for he is so dedicated for his music and his passion for it is still insatiable for achieving success in this film over these years…

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