No buyers for Diwali heroes

It’s been so dampening in the history of new age Tamil Cinema that it has done a worst business ever in other states. Well, for this Diwali, it’s Ajith starrer Aegan and Bharath’s Sevval that is hitting the screens. Surya’s Vaaranam Aayiram was supposed to be released on the same occasion, but didn’t? So what could have been the finest reasons for delay of certain flicks…

Vaaranam Aayiram produced by Aascar Ravichandran was sold out to Gemini Film Circuit. Since the concern demanded for higher rates, none of the distributors have come forward to get the movie. It was Chief Minister’s son Azhagiri and his son under the banner of Cloud Nine Productions who had purchased the film. However, with Gowtham Menon holding the City rights, the film will not release till the second week of November, for there are many prints to be sold out in overseas and other states. Even none of the producers and distributors in Andhra Pradesh have got the film….

Similar situation seems to have been prevailing for Ajith-Nayanthara starrer Aegan. Fine! Distributors and Producers may gear up boasting about this was the first flick to be sold out with so many prints. But the ground reality is that as higher rates have been demanded for Ajith’s Diwali release, it was very difficult for the distributors to purchase the film over there. With Billa doing great business over there, producers had planned to sell it out for higher rates only to get disappointed.

Same scenario persisted for Madhavan’s ‘Guru En Aalu’ that was earlier slated to hit the screens on the festive occasion. So, what should have really got them down is a million dollar question…

Let’s hope and wish the distributors that they may stride elated with good profit all over….

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