New version of Nepali soon in theatres

This film might not be doing well at the box-office, but there are sometimes when a film gets more successful with lots of controversies. Fine! Nepali falls under this category, where despites the film not doing well among the theatres, has been held up with lots of problems.

Earlier, Director VZ Durai thought the film didn’t do well because of the long duration. But, even after trimming the flick, the results happened to be the same. Later, one of the senior police officer in Chennai Mr M. Ravi had filed a legal notice against Director and producer of the film for depicting the police in a bad manner. We are sure, you could have well read this in our yesterday’s section of news.

Today, Director VZ Durai has accepted the flaw on his part and has agreed to edit those kind of scenes that had a bad picture on police department. The new version will be presented to the theatres within next couple of days…

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