New Series of Simran Chinna Thirai

Simran Chinna Thirai produced by Pyramid Saimira has successfully completed 5 series and 6th will be on from 4th August, 2008. The previous titled ‘Nallavelli’ had made high waves in small screen and that would be far and bigger with this series titled ‘Kannamoochi Rae Rae’. The story is so interesting and almost similar to that of Director Vasanth’s yesteryear super hit movie ‘Aasai’.

Simran plays the role of an innocent woman whose beauty pulls Sathyan, her brother-in-law to seduce her. She is held amidst of troublesome moment where she is not able to run out of the house for that would cause havoc to her sister’s life as the cruel husband Satyan would torture her and at the other end she is not able to bear the seductive approach of her brother-in-law.

The entire situation turns topsy-turvy when Simran loses her memory, her sister is murdered and her father goes into a deep Coma. Well, it is Sathyan who is responsible for their pathetic condition and he still yearns out for Simran and does she turn out to be his prey forms crux of the series.

With Simran playing lead role, she has whole lots of actors accompanying her and they are Ramji, Brinda Das, Chethan, Rajashekar, Amarasigamani, Sangeetha Balan, Vanthana, Baby Harini and many more leading artistes.

Balaji Yadav directs this serial with Gundhanabal ideating the storyline and Sabishwaran, Dileban and Mani crafting the story. Srinivas Venkatachalam handles screenplay and Srinivas is the cinematographer. The series will be telecasted in Jaya TV from August 4, during week days Monday-Friday at 8.30. P.M.