New Music Video on Sexual Harassment “I AM A WOMAN”


Press release
New Music Video on Sexual Harassment
Released commemorating Women’s Day
Independent Artiste Krithika Bala joins hands with Kavithalayaa and a million other women of India for the cause
08th March, 2014, Chennai: This Women’s Day, deviating from the usual platitudes that accompany such an occasion, popular Independent Musician Krithika Bala has launched a Music Video on YouTube titled “I am a Woman”. Written, composed and sung by Krithika Bala, the song brings out the everyday hassle and pain that a girl or woman goes through sexual harassment.

Ably supported by Kavithalayaa Productions, this music video portrays different women voicing their fear of men no matter whom they are or where they go. It sharply highlights the pervasiveness of this malady that cuts across creed and class. While being treated as an object of desire always, she encounters a apathetic society that blames it on the woman. “I am a Woman -The project”, aims at spreading awareness, using popular music as a tool.

Krithika Bala, speaking at the launch wondered at the apathy to this burning issue, in a land that eulogizes women and portrays them even in a divine form. She said, notwithstanding the huge strides women have made in the last 2 decades, chauvinism is deep-rooted in this patriarchal society and sometimes abetted by women themselves. She added that there is an urgent need to spread awareness about sexual harassment from even the basics oh what constitutes it and why even casual utterances can’t be dismissed as harmless.

Speaking on the occasion, Pushpa Kandaswamy Managing Director of Kavithalayaa Productions said that they are very happy to have associated with this project, given the familiar connection with their own ethos. She added that Kavithalayaa and their patron Shri K.Balachander were always in the forefront of showcasing women’s battle against society and their empowerment for the past 4 decades.

Popular music director Daran Kumar who graced the occasion, said that music is a very powerful tool to take social messages across to the masses. He said Tamil music from the glorious days of MGR, has always been considered as a strong vehicle to carry social themes. He added that combined with the other powerful medium of Internet, this combination will work wonders.

About Krithika Bala
Besides her day job as a corporate communications professional, Krithika Bala is also a singer and songwriter. She shares her songs/compositions on Youtube on her channel
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Krithika’s first ever Hindi single ‘Tick karke Pyaar Karna” launched on the eve of Valentine’s Day joined the list of Chart Toppers by crossing 1.00 lac views within a week of launch. The song has a hummable catchy tune and talks about a girl’s wishlist for her boyfriend.
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